Add ons

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Although we believe that the standard, customisable set of features offered by Museums Sites as standard will give most museums a great start and will fulfil all of their needs, we recognise that sometimes, for some organisations, we need do provide some extras.

Extras are bespoke functionalities and design that may be added to the standard set of templates - and can be precisely customised to fit specific needs.

They are not plug-ins, as in most cases they need an individual touch for each organisation.

They may include:


  • Bespoke design. Although you may customise many aspects of your standard Museums Sites template, in some cases you may want a completely different look and have your own design and identity.
  • e-commerce. Selling tickets and products as well as accepting donations and allowing friends and membership.
  • Advanced collection search. Your collection is unique and may need to be searched in a unique way, using multiple criteria. We can create any type of advanced search facility to help your diverse audiences find what they are looking for.
  • Newsletter. Creating and sending a regular newsletter should be a part of your audience engagement strategy. We can easily integrate a newsletter strategy within Museums Sites, allowing you to capture subscribers and send out mailings.
  • Interactive applications. Keepthinking has created interactive maps, timelines and other interpretation features for over ten years. These features will greatly enhance public understanding and engagement of your collection.
  • Mobile apps. Although Museums Sites is full optimised for small screen, you may want your own Mobile App. We can design one for you.

Collection Management

  • Customised collection management. Museums Sites has been designed and implemented with simplicity of use in mind, so its collection management part is relatively straightforward and may not cover your specific requirements. The good news is that Museums Sites is based on Qi, which is one of the most flexible content management frameworks you’ll ever find. You may tell us what your requirements are and we will customise it for you - up to a full SPECTRUM set of information and workflows.
  • Bespoke reports. Managing the collection is sometimes more than looking at information on the screen - you will need reports. Qi can produce reports in Excel, XML and PDF.
  • Bespoke imports. If you’d like to import your records as a one-off from another system, or on a regular basis, we can analyse your requirements and create sophisticated import procedures based on the Qi import mechanisms.
  • Integration with existing systems. Museums Sites offers integrated collection and content management systems, plus much more. But what if you already have an existing collection management system and want to keep using that? No problem, we can integrate Museums Sites with your existing system. We have experience integrating with Mimsy XG, Museum Plus, Adlib, TMS, Modes and many more.

Online shop

This could include:

  • A dedicated shop home page, with featured products and categories.
  • Lists of products organised by category as well as by theme.
  • Product page with links to various other places.
  • Tickets
  • Donations
  • Membership

Your visitors will be able to add all types of products to the same basket and proceed to a single checkout - greatly enhancing their experience. The order will be split (if necessary) by department. We can also offer different payment gateways options, including: Secpay, Worldpay, Paypal, HSBC and more.

Online donations

We have completed a large of different donation schemes for museums and similar organisations, which can vary from simple donation forms to complex interactives, making donating fun and engaging and virally marketing your organisation.


Enable your visitors to purchase tickets. Allow UK customers to add Gift Aid to them (including the 10% extra cost).


Newsletters are very important as well as cost-effective ways of creating a buzz and maintaining your audience’s attention alive. We use Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor, which is cost effective, has great features and can be easily integrated onto your website. You may create different contact lists and segments, send different newsletters to different lists and monitor who opened each one or clicked on any of the links.

Collection Advanced Search

As standard, Museums Sites offer s simple search option across the collection, although you may want more sophisticated search options, to include:

  • Simple (one box) and advanced search options, potentially with the possibility for users to customise the search mask
  • Filters (e.g only objects with images)
  • Use of controlled lists to avoid misspelling

Maps and timelines

Visualising the relationship between objects can be a very successful way of encouraging people to explore a collection. Inherent in this type of interactive is a strong contextual framework that allows easy reference between the objects displayed. It makes exploring collections more engaging and fun. Interactive features offer engaging ways of visually exploring the collection whilst still retaining complete consistency in collection data.