Care of the collection

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Qi lets you take care of your collection with integrated conservation and condition reports. You may record the conservation history of an object along with the conditions in which it is to be stored and displayed.

Different types of collections

Qi is flexible and customisable and can support a broad range of collections, from art to natural history, botanics to zoology and also libraries and archives. Each collection may have common fields as well as their own completely unique interface and set of fields and relationships, although they all use the same software with the same great features. What’s more, any level of customisation will not interfere with how the system can be updated and upgraded to newer versions.

Search across the collection

As all your collections will be in one archive, search becomes very powerful: with the same search facility you may search and browse your entire set, unveiling unexpected connections between separate objects. Objects from different disciplines may be stored in different tables or else be all in the same table, with different fields, tabs relationships and interfaces for each type.


Unlimited thesauri may be added to enhance your collection documentation. Qi has already integrated the popular Getty ULAN, AAT and TGN, as well as the Oxford University Press Dictionary and Lexicon and the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH). The thesauri are imported maintaining their hierarchical structure, so they can be linked to object records at any level.

Place management

Record any place and related information that is connected to an object, from the site where the object was found and collected to places depicted, described or in anyway related. This will enable geo-referencing and creation of maps of your collection on the web.