Standard plan


per month
initial fee
per month
initial fee

Choose a payment option after the 60-day free trial

  • Free initial collection import

    Free initial collection import using our standard spreadsheet

  • 8 hours initial support

    8 hours initial support Up to 8 hours support to get you started, over the first 60 days

  • Unlimited collection management

    Unlimited collection management Have an unlimited number of objects in your collection, decide freely which ones to display to your online visitors (it can be all of them!)

  • Additional 30 min support/month

    Additional 30 min support/month Up to 30 minutes per month support, beyond the first 8 hours. This is in addition to technical support (bug fixing)

  • Unlimited editors

    Unlimited editors No additional cost per user - you can have as many editors as you like

  • API, exports and daily backups

    API, exports and daily backups API integration, content exports and daily backups of data

  • Full website

    Full website Including collection online, exhibitions, events and everything else!

  • Your own domain name

    Your own domain name Use for free or add your own fully qualified domain at no extra cost

  • 25GB storage space

    25GB disk space A generous 25GB of disk space for your images, documents and multimedia content - sufficient for about 25,000 hi-res images

  • 60-day free trial

    60-day free trial No credit card or payment required, just signup and you are ready to go!

Museums sites is designed to be easily customisable.

We offer a variety of add-ons to further help you reaching your audience.

  • Extra 25GB space $50/month
  • Extra support $120/hour
  • Editorial $120/hour
  • Custom design from $6,000
  • e-commerce from $6,000
  • Custom collection fields
  • Any other add-on... just contact us

We also offer a free plan (100 collection objects, 50 pages, 5 themes, 10 exhibitions, 10 events, 1 editor, 500MB storage, no custom domain).

Do you have any questions?

  1. What is the difference between the free and the paid plans of Museums Sites?

    Museums Sites provides a premium service, which costs time and money to develop and enhance and generally we need to charge for it.

    What you get with every edition of Museums Sites is:

    • A state of the art collection and content management system
    • A customisable website with all the features your museums will need
    • Dedicated interfaces for desktop/mobile and laptops
    • Failover hosting service and multi-tier backup systems
    • Support and maintenance from a dedicated and knowledgeable team
    • The services of an award winning digital agencies specialising in digital applications for museums

    The full comparison between the two editions is as follows.

    FeatureStandard editionFree edition
    Collection management Unlimited objects 100 objects
    Disk space 25GB (extra available) 0.5GB (no extra available)
    Initial support 8 hours of support to help you upload content, create images and get started Extra cost
    Ongoing support 30 minutes per month Not available (other than to fix bugs!)
    Support options Website, email and telephone Website only (tickets for bugs)
    Editors Unlimited 1
    Website Unlimited pages, events, exhibitions and more 50 pages, 10 events, 10 exhibitions, 10 themes
    Template Full set of templates Limited set of collection templates (no Search and no Artists A-Z)
    Domain name Use your own domain name Use a subdomain

    Further, every detail of Museums Sites and Qi is meticulously designed, developed and tested. We fix every bug we find and we respond to every support request. Our servers have incredible uptime. You will save time and considerable money for not having to purchase any other software, nor service or maintenance.

  2. How does the 60-day free trial work?

    It is very simple: you get 60 days to test Museums Sites, upload your content and get up to speed with Museums Sites and Qi (its content management system). Help is available from us to get you started.

    Once the 60 days are over and you decide that Museums Sites is right for you, you simply need to pay by Credit Card, Paypal or send us a BACS transfer to keep using Museums Sites.

  3. How long and how binding is the contract?

    Unless you sign up for one of our annual plans, all Museums Sites account plans are month to month. We make it simple to start — and stop — your service at any time. We also don't want you to stay if you prefer otherwise - so we also offer partial refund on yearly plans.

  4. How do I sign up?

    Go to the Get started now link from the top of each page and sign up to start your free, non-obligation 60-day trial! We will not require any payment or your credit card details until your trial is over and you are ready to commit.

    You may sign up for a standard or a free account. The free account is limited in what you can do (see next question). You can upgrade from your trial or free account to a paid account at any time.

  5. How do I cancel the service?

    Just contact us to cancel your account.

  6. Can I have Museums Sites only for Collection Management or Website (not both)?

    Of course. Museums Sites offers - as standard - a complete package that include Website, Content and Collection Management as well as hosting, backup, support and maintenance. But how you use your Museums Site is up to you: you may use all the features, or only part of them.

    • You may already have a Collection Management System (such as Adlib, EMU, TMS, Modes XML, Mimsy XG, Museum Plus or any other) and would like to integrate your collection data with your Museums Site. We can import data from your Collection Management onto your Museums Sites.
    • Alternatively, you may need a Collection Management System, but not a website or you already have a website. Again, you may use only the Collection Management part of Museums Sites and the use the API (if you wish) to integrate the collection online with your own website.

    The only limit is that we need to host your Museums Sites - i.e. you cannot download it and install it on your own server.

  7. What about hosting?

    Museum Sites is a hosted service, meaning hosting is included in the monthly fee. You do not need to worry about paying anyone else to look after your website. It's a complete, fully managed package. If you'd like more details about how we host your Museums Site, please look at this article.

  8. Can I download Museums Sites and install it on my own server?

    No. Museums Sites is a hosted web service. We do not have plans to make a downloadable version, partially because our unique hosting architecture is such a strong point of our service.

  9. Do you offer email accounts?

    Museums Sites does not offer an email service, because there are already excellent ones you may choose from (paid and free). You may get an excellent email service with Google Apps for Your Domain - that's what we also use, and it is free for up to 10 users.

Cannot find what you are looking for?

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