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  • Customisable templates
    Homepage of the Pre-Raphelite Gallery

    The Pre-Raphaelite gallery

    A fictional museum showcasing the work of William Holman Hunt, John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and many more. Set in the fictional town of Florence in West Sussex, this demo site uses all the functions and templates of Museums Sites.

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    Burgh House Home Page

    Burgh House

    Burgh House was built in 1704, during Queen Anne's reign. It was one of the first large houses to be built in Hampstead, which at the time was flourishing as a fashionable Spa, known as Hampstead Wells.

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    Homepage of the Cas Art History

    Art at University of St. Thomas ยท Minnesota

    The University of St Thomas, in St Paul Minnesota (US) has a beautiful art collection, with over 16,000 objects, which is now on Museums Sites (since June 2013). The objects are divided into the three different collections, which were imported using a sligthly modified template spreadsheet. As one of the collections has restricted access, we implemented an authentication system that taps directly into the University's Open Directory, so new students and staff member are automatically added with the same credentials they use for their email.

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    Arizona State Museum - homepage eg

    Arizona State Museum

    The pre-eminent institution in anthropology and history of the southwestern United States and northern Mexico, Arizona State Museum maintains a prominent position among specialists and its state community - housing more than three million objects.

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    Forest Venues homepage

    Forest Venues

    Forest Venues has a range of beautiful period and contemporary buildings in its armoury, using its site - powered by Museums Sites - to showcase the full range of experiences on offer from the Art Deco architecture at The Walthamstow Assembly Hall to the Victorian charactor of Vestry House Museum.

Bespoke design

  • Bespoke design
    Computer screen with the homepage of the William Morris Gallery website

    William Morris Gallery

    The William Morris Gallery is an amazing gallery in North London, which has just been renovated to display over 10,000 objects about the life and work of Morris and his artistic circle. The website is part of the Museums Sites family, combined with a unique design and some bespoke functionalities (e.g Themes with gallery preview and Browse the collection with introductory categories). Qi is used for both Collection Management as well as Web Content Management. The William Morris Gallery website shows the flexibility of the Museums Sites approach.

  • Bespoke design
    Computer screen with the homepage of the Mucha  Foundation website

    Mucha Foundation

    Utilising the basic platform as a foundation, but opting for a more bespoke design, The Mucha Foundation’s website supports its not-for-profit work in preserving and conserving the Mucha Trust Collection and promoting the work of the Czech Art Nouveau painter, Alphonse Mucha.

  • Bespoke design
    Shakespeare Birthplace Trust - homepage

    Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

    Shakespeare Birthplace Trust made the most of Museums Sites' adaptability, as we applied their own design to a website that showcases the independent charity’s work as the preserver of the Shakespeare heritage sites in the Bard’s hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, as well as its efforts to promote his works and life across the world.

  • Bespoke design
    West Kowloon Cultural District - homepage

    West Kowloon Cultural District

    The West Kowloon Cultural District aims to establish a new vibrant cultural quarter in the heart of Hong Kong and took advantage of Museums Sites' flexibility to customise its site, employing a unique design and allowing users to switch between three languages.