Can you import my existing collection data?

Yes. Just download the Excel file attached here, fill it and send it back to us. We will also need the images to link to the records. A few notes:

  • Fill as many fields as you can on the spreadsheet
  • Do not change any of the headers nor add new fields
  • If you need a different record structure or fields, please get in touch
  • Please supply high-quality JPG files as object images (one per object as standard, please get in touch if you need more)
  • The images will need to be around 300 to 500 KB, about 1,200 pixels in the longest direction, in RGB colour (not CMYK)
  • When you send us the spreadsheet we will send you details on where to upload the images (via SFTP)

If everything is correct, you will have your collection uploaded to your Museums Site in 2-3 days.