Do I have to use Museums Sites as both Website as well as Collection Management? Can I have just one?

Of course. Museums Sites offers - as standard - a complete package that include Website, Content and Collection Management as well as hosting, backup, support and maintenance. But how you use your Museums Site is up to you: you may use all the features, or only part of them.

  • You may already have a Collection Management System (such as Adlib, EMU, TMS, Modes XML, Mimsy XG, Museum Plus or any other) and would like to integrate your collection data with your Museums Site. We can import data from your Collection Management onto your Museums Sites.
  • Alternatively, you may need a Collection Management System, but not a website or you already have a website. Again, you may use only the Collection Management part of Museums Sites and the use the API (if you wish) to integrate the collection online with your own website.

The only limit is that we need to host your Museums Sites - i.e. you cannot download it and install it on your own server.