How can I add links to other pages (or other content) of my website?

Relationships are among the most powerful features of Qi: they allow you to co-relate records to one another, as well as specify extra information with each relationship. It’s a powerful mechanism, yet like everything in Qi it is very easy to use.

List of relationships grouped by type:

One to many / Many to Many

There are two types of relationships:

Image showing the relationships in the CMS  

  • One to many. The content record is linked to multiple values, but the linked values only relate to the current record. A typical example are dimensions for a work of art: there can be multiple, but each one only belongs to a single work of art.
  • Many to many. The content record is also linked to multiple values, which in turn may be linked to other content items. A typical example is works of art and artists: an artist may be linked to multiple works, and a work may be linked to multiple artists.

In Qi, these relationships are created in the same way.

Add relationship

Select Add new relationship and choose the type.

Image showing how to select the type of relationship

Next choose a record from the list (many to many)

Image showing how to select a record and add it in the relationship tab

or simply add the information (one to many).

Image showing how to define the relation between objects in the relationship tab

Delete a relationship

Just click on the Delete icon to remove a relationship.