How do I add a user to my CMS?


If you have administrational rights you may select Users from the navigation. This will allow you to add a new User to an existing Team, delete existing Users or edit existing User's details and privileges.

Editing existing users

The process of creating or updating users is similar to the one for content and lists records. Changes are committed directly to the database. Please note that you cannot see existing passwords as they are encrypted. You can only change them if you want, or leave the fields empty if you do not want to modify existing password (i.e. empty password fields do not mean no password!).

Image showing the user administrator panel

Adding new users

To add a new user, click on the Create a new user button. Users can belong to multiple teams.

Deleting users

You can delete a user by clicking the Remove icon. Note that following confirmation the user will be deleted from the database. There is no undelete action after having deleted a User.