How do I add my logo?

Most of the standard customisation is carried out from the Admin Section of your site (your Content Management System, also called Qi). You access the admin section by adding /qi to your unique subdomain. So if you choose mymuseum as your subdomain, you may find Qi at:

From there, click/tap on Preferences on the right of the top menu bar to access a range of customisable options.

You will need two logos: one for large screens and another one for the small screens.

In the Preferences tab, please click:

  • Images: Logo, desktop interface the standard logo for large screens. The logo should be 190 pixel wide x 120 pixel high.
  • Images: Logo, mobile the logo for mobiles. The logo should be 170 pixel wide x 50 pixel high.

In both cases, select the preference and then click on Images, click on Edit in Media Library and replace the existing image with your own.

Click Edit in Media Library on the top right

The museum logo seen in preferences

Replacing a file in the media library

The museum logo seen in the media library