How do I create an team with certain permissions?


If you have administrational rights you may select Teams from the navigation. This will allow you to add a new Team and specify the scope of the Team actions, delete an existing Team or edit an existing Team details and rights.

Editing existing teams

The process of creating or updating groups is similar to the one for content and lists records, although there is no approval workflow: changes are committed directly to the database.

Adding new teams

To add a new team click on the Create a new team button. Teams can have global rights to Administer users and teams, Access media library or Configuration and Customised Permissions to Read, Write, Add, Delete, Approve, Audit for each type of content in each Node.

Image showing how to manage the access given to your team

Deleting teams

You can delete a team by clicking the Remove icon. Note that following confirmation the team will be deleted from the database.

Please note there is no undelete action after having deleted a Team.