How do I customise the look & feel my site?

Using the standard templates, you can customise your site and make it unique through a series of options.

  • You may change the entire colours scheme of your site
  • You may upload your own logo, the image of your building, as well as your address details
  • You may rename, translate, change the order or hide sections in the main navigation

The single, most important factor to achieve uniqueness is, however, your content. Your text and your images will make a crucial difference to make your Museums Site stand out from the crowd.

Most of the standard customisation is carried out from the Admin Section (CMS) of your site. You access the admin section by adding /qi to your unique subdomain. From there, click/tap on Preferences on the right of the top menu bar to access a range of customisable options.

We also offer a bespoke design service. Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.