How do I delete a page?

Deleting content (including pages) records is a two-stage process, as it requires approval, like any other operation.

  • First you mark an record for deletion by clicking on the Delete icon next to the record name (requires delete permission). The Delete icon will turn red, flagging a record for deletion.
  • A user with approval rights will have to approve the deletion as described for the review process for content.

Clicking again on the red Delete icon will unmark the record as pending for deletion.

IMage showing how to edit an existing record


Bear in mind that records can only be deleted if they are not linked to other records in Qi. This may include:

  • Records that are used in a list
  • Records that are part of a relationship

If that is the case, the review panel will alert that the record cannot be deleted and explain why, listing all the records from which the current one needs to be removed.


Clicking the delete button for:

  • Images
  • Documents
  • Multimedia
  • Relationship

Wil not require approval: such records are immediately deleted. But...


Nothing is ever deleted in Qi - you can always revert your actions. If you select the Show deleted link at the top of your record you’ll see all such records and can undelete them.

Show/hide deleted content.

Image showing how to display deleted items in results

Deleted record in a list, notice the undelete button.

Image showing the undelete records in results