How do I edit the content of my website?


Your new Museums Site will be initially fill with what we believe a typical museum may need, in a structure that you can edit, delete and add to. We have done quite a lot of research to create an initial information architecture, so that you don't have to start from scratch. This will be your starting point, which you can customise and make your own.

To help you with the process we have included links to the Qi (Content Management System) area of your website for each of the pages/sections of your websites. The following is an outline of some actions to edit your website.

Edit the content of an existing page

Go to the page you want to edit on your website and click on the link provided.

Screen of a prepopulated page on the website

The link will take you to that page in the CMS where you can change the text, images documents and links for that page. You may need to login.

Screen of a prepopulated page on qi

Remove/Replace an image or a document

To remove an image select the Images tab and click on the Remove icon on the right side. You can then either Upload New Media or Add from Media Library if you already have an image in your library that you would like to use.

New images will need approval (approving the record will approve all of the attached images).

Screen of a prepopulated page on qi showing the images listing

The same applies to documents, which you may control from the Documents tab.

Remove/Replace links

At the bottom of the Content tab you can see the list of all existing Relationships: these are links from the current page to other content on your website (e.g. exhibition, objects, events or other pages). To delete one just click on the delete icon. If you want to add on click on the Add new relationship button. You could also click on the  green online Online icon to set the relationship offline: this action doesn’t delete the relationship, but it hides it from the website.

Screen of a prepopulated page on the website showing the relationships

Deleting a page

Like everything else, deleting records is a two-stage process, as it requires approval (you may as well be an administrator).

  • First you mark an record for deletion by clicking the Delete icon next to the record name (requires delete permissions for the specific type of content). The Delete icon will turn red: the record is now flagged for deletion.
  • A user with approval rights (which may as well be you) will have to approve the deletion from the Review section of Qi.
  • Clicking again on the Delete icon will unmark the record and restore it back to its normal status.


    Clicking on the green online Online icon next to an record name will put the record Offline (i.e. hide it from the website) and change the icon to red. Clicking on the same icon, now red, will restore the record. Remember not to put section home pages and the main home page offline!