How do I upload a media file?


Media in the top level navigation gives you access to the Media Library, where all media files are stored. This includes files such as JPEG, PDF, MPEG etc. You can add, remove and edit existing media, as well as organise them into folders.

Image showing the images tab in the Media library with the available actions

Upload new media

You can add new content by choosing Upload new media after you have chosen a media type to edit from the drop down menu. Adding new records follows the same process as editing existing records.

Editing existing records

You need to select a type of media from the drop down list. This will display a list of media folders. Selecting one of the media folders will display the records.

Image showing the list of objects in the library

You may select a record to edit it. Editing a media record means being able to modify any of its meta-data as well as replacing the digital file.

Image showing how to edit an image in the library
Upload a file

You may choose to provide as much or as little information as you wish, just bear in mind that all the meta data here relates to the image/file/multimedia, not to the record they are associated with: if we are talking about copyright and credits of the image of a painting, we are not talking about the painting itself, but just its digital reproduction.

Alternative text

This text is associated with an image that serves the same purpose and conveys the same essential information as the image. This text is displayed instead of the image when for example the users have turned off images in their web browser, or are using a screen reader

Title and caption in context

Next you may also choose a title and caption in context. As media may be shared between multiple records, these extra fields allow you to specify (if you wish) separate titles and captions for each instance. If you don’t, the front-end will use the generic title and caption linked to the media.

Add file

Finally select Add: the file is uploaded, linked to the media library and to the record and the record is set to a pending status (as a change has been made).