What are home page features and how do I edit them?


All your home page content comes from the Home page features in the CMS (Qi). Every feature can have an image, title, description and link (relationship) and can have the following position (if you look at the layout of your homepage it should be immediately evident what we mean here):

  1. Top. When there is more than one top feature they will automatically rotate.
  2. Middle. The middle features should be in multiples of 2.
  3. Lower. The lower features should be in multiples of 4.

The home page features seen in qi and the website

Create/edit a home page feature

To create/edit a home page feature select a Home » Home page features from the Content tab. You can then either select one of the existing records to edit or select Create a new record from the top left of the screen.

Each of the Home page features requires the following:

  1. Title. This is the title of the feature and is displayed. If there is a link added to the feature through the relationships, the title becomes a link to that record.
  2. Type. This defines the position of the feature (top, middle or lower)
  3. Description. This the description of the feature and is displayed under the title.
  4. Rank. This is the order the feature will appear within its group.
  5. Link. Links to other section of the website are added through the relationships. You can only have one per feature.
  6. Images. Each of the features should have an image attached to it. Features on the same group e.g Top feature should have images of the same size attached to them. Don't worry about images sizes too much: Qi will resize images for you.

The home page top feature seen in qi and the website