What are the different tabs in Qi and how are these used?

Following a successful login, you are directed to the Dashboard, where you will see information about your content and website.

From here you can select one of the following options from the navigation at the top of the screen:

Image showing the Museums Sites Qi navigation tabs

  • Content
  • Lists
  • Media
  • Review
  • Users
  • Teams
  • Preferences

Please note that not all these options are available to all users.


Creating and updating Content involves two stages:

  1. A content editor enters new content or updates existing ones. When the content is ready the editor submits it for review.
  2. An approver reviews the content, decides what should go live or what shouldn’t - and takes appropriate actions.


Lists, on the other hand, are only functional to content records and they are edited and created directly, without the 
 two-tier approval process. For this reason, only appropriate users should be enabled to edit lists.


Media gives you access to the Media Library, where all media files are stored. This includes files such as JPEG, PDF, MPEG etc. You can add, remove and edit existing media, as well as organise them into folders.


All non approved records are listed in the Review section. Users with approval rights can then review and approve or reject any changes.


Users can belong to multiple teams.


Teams can have global rights to Administer users and teams, Access the media library or Configuration and Customised Permissions to Read, Write, Add, Delete, Approve and Audit for each type of content in each Node (or section).


This is the section where you can Configure and Customise your site adding your logo, contact details, social media accounts, customise colours and specify your preferences.