What are themes?

Themes are narrative ways of displaying your collection. A theme is essentially a story, which is told using a sequence of objects. Themes may include highlights, ideas, concepts, trails, or even single collections. They may replicate online a display that takes place in your physical museum, or be entirely virtual. Themes link objects together, giving them context.

A theme is made of:

  • An introductory text and image. This outlines the subject of the theme.
  • A series of object in a sequence. Each object should have a contextual text explaining why the object is important for the specific theme.

While there is no limit to the number of object that a theme may include, we would recommend to keep themes to around ten to twelve object and not to exceed twenty. But, as already mentioned, there are no limits - so if you need you may create themes with tens of objects.

The same object may appear in more than on theme and assume different meanings in each of them.

Themes have multiple access point, including those in an object page, where visitors can see all the themes that include the selected object.