What browsers do you support?

Pretty much anything released within the past three years or so, and some much older. We support the latest versions of Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.
 Please note that beta versions of browsers are not supported.

Minimum Requirements

Museums Sites is an advanced application, and requires advanced browser technology in order to be deployed to your computer. Before using Museums Sites from any browser, the following settings are mandatory:

Cookies must be enabled to keep you logged in to 
Museums Sites.

  • JavaScript must be enabled to process login credentials, as well as make most of the site manager function properly.

Do not run programs that block Javascript! Programs like McAfee and Zone Alarm contain settings that can interfere with your browser's operations. If you're experiencing strange behavior, try disabling these programs or whitelisting "museumssites.com"

Note: These requirements apply only to the 
Museums Sites website management interface.


Newer browsers offer better support of Web Standards, which means that most websites you visit will work properly and look better.

Using older browsers can also be dangerous to the security of your computer. Vulnerabilities are constantly found in older browsing platforms that could allow malicious websites to run programs on your machine. Upgrading your browser is a good idea, even if you don't use Museums Sites.