What functions and templates are offered for Collection Online?

Museums Sites offers a simple and comprehensive way to browse and search your collection. Standard templates include:

  • Section index. Visual approach to promote the collection, offering links to specific features and multiple entry points.
  • Browse the collection. Simple, sequential access to the collection, offering views of the objects as pure images or detailed lists. Can be filtered by type of object.
  • Search the collection. Simple search, using a single field across all public information for objects (not included in the free edition of Museums Sites).
  • Artist A-Z. List of artists, with biographies and related works (not included in the free edition of Museums Sites).
  • Themes. A different way to present your collection, following a narrative approach. A theme is a group of objects, with contextual information and introduction. Themes may aslo be categorised.

Although we believe this is a good starting point for many museums, we can of course enhance the presentation of your collections online in many ways. Please get in touch to discuss maps, timelines, advanced search - and much more.