What happens to my support request after I send it?

Each request our customers submit for support with an issue they are having has a life of its own. Here's an overview of the support system, and what happens after you choose to send a support request.

Step 1 - Creating Your Support Case

There are several different ways to create a support case as outlined in this guide. Essentially, you can:

Create a new support case from within your account at Website Management > Support Tickets. This is the primary way to send a ticket, unless you're unable to log into your site, or don't have a Museums Sites account yet. 

By filling out our Contact form. This is the way to go if you can't log in, or you have questions before signing up for a trial site.

Lastly, you can send an email directly to support@museumssites.com.

Step 2 - Receiving a Response

You will receive an automated reply very shortly after submitting your initial request. This auto-reply just lets you know that we have received your request in the system and should respond shortly with more information.

Your case number (#xxxxx) will be noted at the bottom of each email exchanged between you and the support staff. Note your case numbers as you work through an issue and feel free to reference previous case numbers if you need.

Below is an example of one of these automatic reply emails when we receive your request.

Within our current support platform, all requests and responses are handled via email, which enables you to have support conversations anytime.

Tickets will not be listed in your Support Ticket tab, but these are sent to the email address you have on file for the site owner account. It's important that you keep this e-mail address current.

Storing your support tickets in your email client allows you to easily search through support replies and use the tools in your email to file and organise your tickets.

Note: Per our Terms of Service, you must keep a valid email address on file for your account.

Step 3 - Replying/Continuing the Conversation

Once you receive our reply, if you still have further questions regarding that same issue, please reply directly to that support email response. It's important that you keep all replies on the same issue in the same email thread. This allows us to view the history of your ticket, all information you've supplied and any responses we've sent back to you.

For any new queries, please create a new support request. We offer 24 hour support, 7 days a week and we strive to respond to all requests for support within 15 minutes whenever possible. and you should always receive a reply of some kind from us within no more than one hour.

Note that in some cases, issues that must be escalated for deeper investigation. You will be notified if your ticket is escalated, and your reply may take longer in this case. You will always receive a reply back to your original ticket once your ticket has been escalated.

Note: Please only submit one support request for each unique question or issue. We do reply to all requests for support, so there is no need to submit more than one request on a specific issue.

If you don't receive a response to a support ticket, be sure to check your email client to ensure that the messages aren't being blocked. Also, you should add support@museumssites.com to your list of trusted senders to prevent our messages from being marked as spam.

Step 4 - Adding an Attachment (optional)

We may often ask you to add a screenshot attachment to the email thread so that we can more easily see things as you are seeing them. Those images and other files can be attached directly to your email case for us to view when we receive your replies. Just use the Attach or Attachment option in your email interface to search your computer for files to attach to your ticket reply.

Step 5 - CC or BCC (optional)

At support, our replies are sent directly to the email address from which they were submitted. In the case of a request submitted from within your account, [Website Management > Support Tickets], we reply to the email address on file with your account. However, you can add CC or BCC addresses if you want others to receive those replies as well. Any CC or BCC you add within your email will come through in your reply and will remain intact when we reply back to the request. You can also request for us to CC/BCC an email address, as we can set that up from here if needed.

Note: Please note that we are not able to provide telephone support. All requests for support should come in via email, contact form, or from within your Museums Sites account.