What is a draft or pending record?

Until a record is approved, it is in a draft, or pending, status. This may happen in a number of situations:

  1. A newly created record, saved but not yet approved. This record will not be available to the public until a user with approval rights has approved it.
  2. An existing record which has been modified.
  3. A new or existing record where an image or other media file has been added.
Image showing a draft record in listing

This is visualised in the form of a yellow bar next to the record’s name in a list, or with a yellow warning message when looking at the full record.

Image showing the record with pending changes

Changes to a pending version of a record will overwrite previous changes. Once approved, the pending version will replace the previously approved one and become the new live record. Previous and past versions of a record are saved in the Audit Trail.