What is a section or node?

Image showing how to select a record node and type

Sections allow the management of the different parts of the website (the main navigation and the footer).

Each section will include Pages, which are used to establish the sub-navigation of a section. Some sections may also different types of content. For instance the Collection section will include Objects and related People/Organisations, while the What's On section will include Events and Exhibitions.

In the picture above  Sections are in bold italic style, while content types are indented and in standard font.

Can I rename a section?

Yes a Section can be renamed via the CMS. You may either choose the green tab "Customise your website / Main Navigation" from the right of the Dashboard or click the Lists tab and then select Website sections (Main navigation). There you can rename a Section or change its order/rank.

Can I add a section?

We have created two sections that are disabled by default, but available to use should you need extra tabs in the main navigation (bear in mind it's better not to have too many options at the top - are you sure you need more than the initial ones, which you may rename and move?). The two Extra One and Extra Two sections can be made online (red button) and renamed via the CMS, using the method described above.

Once enabled, you will also need to assign the correct permissions to teams - else you won't be able to edit content. Get in touch if you need any assistance.

Can I remove a section?

Sections cannot be removed but they can be put offline (green button). Also if no Pages exists or are offline for a specific Section that section will not appear on the website. Be careful not to put the Home section or Home page offline!

Can I move pages/records from one section to another?

This function is currently not available via the CMS. Please get in touch if you would like to do that.