What makes Museums Sites different from other services?

There are a few high quality packages to allow creating simple generic websites (i.e. not specific to museums, such as Tumblr, Square Space and Wordpress), which may either be used as services online (free or for a fee) or downloaded and installed, in the latter case requiring a fair degree of technical knowledge.

There are also open source collection management systems, which need to be downloaded and installed (such as Omeka).

Museums Sites is completely different from all of that, and truly unique in the market, as it offers:

  • A comprehensive, state of the art, integrated collection and content management system (Qi) - which is Spectrum Compliant
  • A series of templates and functionalities conceived and developed around the needs of museums and collections
  • A complete package including service, hosting, backup and support
  • An easy to use interface requiring no downloads or technical skills
  • The opportunity to customise its design (or get a completely bespoke one) and extend functionalities when required

There is no other system that can be compared and has been designed to offer a full knowledge management system for museums and collections.