When adding media to a record, what is the difference between Uploading a file and Selecting it from the library?

Following the creation of a record, you can attach media to it by selecting the Images, Files or Multimedia tab. You are then offered two options:

  • Upload New Media
  • Add from Media Library

Upload New Media

If the image you want to link to the record is not already in the Media Library, use this option to upload a new file from your computer. You may save the file in the Media Library for later use and editing (recommended).

Add from the Media Library

If the image you want to attach to your record has already been uploaded and already exists in the Media Library, use this option. Simply select the media folder (if you know it) where the image/file/multimedia is located (you don't have to) and/or use the filter to find it and select it.

Contextual information

When attaching a media asset to a record, you may also choose a title and caption in context. As media assets may be shared between multiple records, these extra fields allow you to specify (if you wish) separate titles and captions for each instance.

If you don’t, the front-end will use the generic title and caption associated to the media asset in the Library.

Image showing how to add a media from the library